Box Tops

What is Box Tops for Education? 

Box Tops for Education is a national school earnings program that has been around for more than 20 years and has earned schools more than $900,000 all around the nation so that they can buy whatever they need. 

Each box top is worth 10 cents. 

Our goal for this year is to raise $1,000 for our school. 

No more clipping! Just scan your receipt. IT'S THAT EASY!


Look for the logo! Be sure to check the full list of participating products, as some are not labeled.


No more clipping. Tap the scan button to snap a photo of your receipt within 14 days of purchase.


It's that easy! Box Tops earnings are identified and automatically updated online.

Clipped Box Tops will be accepted until the printed expiration date.

Please send in your clippings and hand them to your homeroom teacher or drop them off in the mailbox located in the front office.

 If you have any questions or want to volunteer with this program, don't hesitate to contact us at

 Visit Box Tops official page for more information and ideas.